Sunday, October 09, 2005

London 21

London was... unmemorable. Sadly. Maybe it was just that I didn't plan my to-do list properly, but I don't particularly regret having not chosen UCL, aside for the fact that I don't have any of my old friends close by. Just a week after having reached there, there wasn't particularly a lot of stuff I was interested in doing there, so it was actually good that I was headed off for York. Thankfully I didn't come over two weeks before term started like originally planned.

I must thank Allan for meeting me at the London airport to help with my luggage and guide me into town. I was quite confused when I'd first arrived, it was great to have someone to help out. It actually wasn't as tough as I'd thought, but yeah when everything is new it's kinda overwhelming, simple or not.

Well, it happened that my birthday was the day I left London for York, so a few of the councillors met the night before kinda to celebrate my 21st. It was a quiet affair, with dinner at a Korean restaurant followed by cake-cutting at Xianna's. It was great to see everyone there, especially Zhao Qing who I haven't seen for more than a year.

The actual birthday started with a simple brunch with Mei Ling and her boyfriend, who'd provided me with accommodation at their flat (which they shared with a few other people) for the week. More people I need to thank, for letting me disrupt their life just so I could save (a heck lot of money) on lodging.

After which it was off to York. Just like that, my 21st had somehow gone by. It was hardly unexpected, and I don't think I could realistically wish for anything more, and yet it was... disappointing. After seeing some of the stuff others had, and having helped planned some stuff for people previously, it's kinda tough to accept that yours was just... like that.

But like I've said, I don't think I could have hoped for anything better. Thank you, everyone who tried. It's much appreciated.

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