Friday, November 25, 2005

Yesterday once more

Hi all,

Thanks to all who came, cooked and voted on Wednesday - we hope you had fun! Following our elections and (polite-and-constuctive) General Feedback Session, we are pleased to announce the new Singsoc Committee 05-06:

President - Ailin Chin
Vice-president - Louis Tan
Secretary - Pepper Lee
Treasurer - Wee Zi Tan
Welfare Rep - Lin Kuek
Web-mistress - Chen Cuifen

Congrats to the new team and may the year ahead be a good one!

Signing off,

Emily, Jason, Ailin & Jia Min

Singsoc Com 04-05

-anal comment- Why's Cuifen's surname the only one listed as a first name? It reeks of inconsistency!

Anyway. So I got the post I was aiming for. Not too difficult, actually, considering that nobody really contested. Still, well. I guess it's back to vaguely-councillish work. Should be a lot lighter than council was (considering the size of the Singaporean community here), though at the same time I'm interested in actually finding out just what exactly can be done as a formal university club, and taking a more active role in the whole thing than I had in VJ council (admittedly, Locker IC wasn't the most happening of jobs).

(Like I'm convinced that there are untapped ways of sponging off university funding for our own benefit. That is to say, to draw on the goodwill of the university to provide enriching experiences for our members. Ah, semantics.)

It's kind of funny how I ended up running for Singsoc comm. After council I was so sure I wasn't going to go for anything like this ever again. It can be fun, yeah, but it's also really draining at the same time, and that slacker part of me had decided that enough was enough.

Besides, I wasn't really planning on getting very involved in Singsoc, when coming to study in the UK was such a great opportunity to experience interesting new cultures, ditch the boring ol' and all that jazz.

Then I ended up mixing with the boring (comfortable) ol' anyway, and later figured that it's not actually very taxing to do stuff for people you get along with, and it could actually be pretty fun.

So what do you know, here I am again. I'm having little flashes in my mind telling me it's all a terrible mistake, but. Well.

Here goes, then.


cui (using ailin's computer) said...

it's because my name looks horrible when you put my first name first. no, really, try it, it does. it makes me cringe! *cringes*

I -was- indeed productive tonight after all, haha.

Anonymous said...

how the heck did you get to be vice-pres so fast??!!!
you bribed the rest didn't you?

pep said...

well, i dont think burnt wantons make for very good bribes...

sponging funds though, oh i meant drawing on goodwill, makes a rather compelling case. we all like goodwill ambassadors :P

Anonymous said...

well congrats =) organise more fun stuff and don't always make your members pay for stuff. that's what i've learnt.

lost said...

how i got in... talent and charm, of course, as well as a few quid under the table...

who on earth are all these anonymous people? my brain boggles. identify yourself, people!

weez said...

hey, i protest! my name looks horrible when you put my first name first too!

on sponging funds, well, i'm not sure what my stand is supposed to be. but just bear in mind that the funds isn't a bottomless pit. though i would say feel free to use the money in the su grant. =)

let's plan a skiing trip for next year! that's out of point, but it'll be fun.