Friday, December 02, 2005


So my laptop's been fixed, and like a suicidal maniac I'm blogging instead of doing my homework. Oh well, still about 60h to go before they're due anyway.

Irritatingly enough one of my usb ports is now dead. I'll like to get it fixed, but it's not worth the £10 (S$30) to travel back and forth Leeds, not when I can survive (though grudgingly so) on the remaining port, especially if I need to leave it over again. I'll probably get it serviced when I'm next in London instead.

In other news, I recently took part in an internal race for Karting recently and amazingly enough, my team won. The participants were classified into three different classes, and each team consisted of a driver from each class. Fortuitously (or not) I was seeded as Class C (the lousiest group) and was probably the fastest in that group, so I guess that helped my team somewhat. It also probably helped that my team's drivers were never given penalties, so we just continued chalking up laps while some other teams had to sit out for a few minutes.

The trophy's kinda cheesy, and the drink's definitely cheap stuff (5.5%!), but there's still some thrill winning something lah huh. Maybe by next year I'll get seeded as Class A instead (I was actually almost Class B this time, but some senior turned up last minute and knocked me into Class C).

Sigh. Back to work.


Henry said...

£10 to go to Leeds? You should be able to catch the Coastliner for £5!

lost said...

inclusive of the bus fares lah.