Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Suspect curry

My first proper self-cooked meal for about a month or so, albeit done using a premix. Wasn't quite as nice as I'd hoped, somehow.

Just earlier today I was feeling really calm about (finally?) being alone here in York, where it seems that just about nobody's around. It just seems that for the longest time I've been meeting people everyday, and while that is usually a very nice thing, I'm the sort of person who enjoys a little solitude every now and then.

Maybe it's the lack of proper food, or the lack of company right now (though I'll be grocery-shopping with Charmain tomorrow, so both problems should be alleviated pretty soon), but I'm feeling quite down right now. And while somewhat incongruous with my previous comment about being somebody who enjoys the occasional dose of loneliness, well...

People are funny things, sometimes. Always unsure of what we really want, or have.


Anonymous said...

funny. i seem to feel the same way. too used to being around ppl. super bored the past few days. everyone just disappeared.

The Man said...

Why did u put the food on the floor ?