Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Coin collector

I've recently taken to collecting coins.

I was just recently looking at all the interesting designs on the Euro coins and the British pound coins, when I decided that collecting them would be pretty cool. Especially after hearing Hari's idea of collecting pins from various countries, and one day having a world map where he can stick the pins onto the countries he bought them from.

I thought that was quite a cool idea, and hey, if I had a coin of the basic currency unit (dollar, pound, etc) from all the countries I'd ever visited, I could actually do the same, can't I?

This is an example of what I imagine it'll look like, using Google Earth's representation of the British Isles.

(Yes, I know England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are technically all part of the United Kingdom, but it's just quite cool collecting the coins with the corresponding designs anyway)

The problem now is to back-collect all those coins I've missed out on, like the US and Canada (Interestingly enough, my brother tells me that US dollar coins are quite rare, and for some reason the Americans don't actually like using it, and try to get rid of it as soon as possible). Oh well. Hopefully my friends will be able to help me with that.

Apparently the Vatican City issued Euro coins with a 'vacant seat' print in 2005. I must have one! Gosh. Think it'll be dreadfully expensive, though. I think they're minted in really small amounts, and not really in circulation. Sigh. Probably will never see a Vatican Euro ever, unless I fork out large amounts of money for it.

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