Friday, May 26, 2006

Assessed assignments

They're swarming us with work now. Argh. I mean, it's probably all manageable, if only I didn't do stupidly procrastinate by watching videos or blogging.



-the man- said...

Damm them,damm them all to heck.Let us rise up against such oppression.They can never take our freedom! ...and erm erm ... *insert some war inspiring/moving speech here like erm......err..from ..Alexander the Great*

Anonymous said...

Iyah DIAM lah tok so much cock la... Knn got work just do lah.. walau lim peh kong, in lim peh time ah everything we do is use hand one..Knn nowadays pple got use what computer la,caluclator la... lucky liao ah...some more study no good kena mark by pple one..iyah nowadays ah all u young pple got alot of welfare liao like my favourite shoe always say .. just do it.

-the lao ah peh.

Anonymous said...

Eh harlow give these young fellas come face lah..ok la they macham have it ez.. but iyah should be happy for them mah right..i mean we work so hard is because of this mah correct.

-the old man

Anonymous said...

Eh u all 2 diam and pay for ur kopi lah ....1.20 hor

-the kopi uncle