Monday, May 01, 2006


You've got to wake up. How much time and potential must you waste before you realise that it is playtime no longer? You nearly screwed it all up that one time, three and a half years ago, but you had an excuse then, of sorts. No longer, now. How many times must you scrape past with minimal effort before you realise that you can do so much better if only you tried harder? He deserves better. She deserves better. They deserve better.

You deserve better than this tremendous waste.

No one really cares, you know? You're nice, it's nice having you around. You're forgettable. You can mope all you want and hope people notice you, and maybe some will, but in the end, give it time, nobody will remember you. They won't even remember your name. Who could be bothered with you when you're so far off? Out of sight, out of mind. Get over it.

It's your own fault anyway. You wanted to be nice, you didn't want to display negative emotion. Well now. You ended up repressing everything and displaying no emotion at all. You're a represser. Nobody likes a represser. Always sitting on the fence, avoiding strong opinions.

No character at all, them repressers.

You know what? You're just a hypocrite. You try to be better than the rest, to be nice, but deep down inside you're thinking the same nasty thoughts and having the same nasty desires. The others are just more honest about it.

Don't pretend you don't know who you are. Reading this resonates the bones within you.


-the man- said...

You are right, because in the end, "take me apart and i am nothing,there is no me". Therefore, "there is no self-realisation,reaching that state would equal to pure emptiness." Then you start to realise that you don't matter,rather it is the people around you who do.
hahahaa,macham like i very smart like dat right :P

ww said...

you know what's the scariest thing? i feel the same way about the first paragraph. i've missed half my final papers for my 2nd sem and i don't really feel much.

i believe it boils down to passion, thirst and drive. but i can't seem to locate any of the above.

i've been side-stepping everyone and everything. i just feel so detached it's hard to get drawn in again. and i wonder if i ever will.

i dunno what this reply would do for you but i hope it does a lot more for you than it did for me =)

p.s. i love the photos you put up, keep them coming (",)

enqi said...

=\ don't repress ba. let it all out.

squick said...

. .

Anonymous said...

lim peh ka li kong, relac ah...think wat then say wat, only sometime like lim peh always talk about geylang then need to censor, like when lim peh say char boh who can dance vely sexy one leh! if not just be urself and heck care what other peepur say lor...lim peh ka li kong, cannot be wrong one! anyway lim peh think u nice boy la, even think hum sup thoughts also still a nice boy la...still cannot beat lim peh! hehe

- the old man

-the man other than the man- said...

..more like old woman perhaps?... hmm...

-the man other than the man- said...

ops i mean *the old woman...