Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I'll be arriving in Singapore on 1 July.

It's still about a month off, but it seems so close now - and suddenly the feelings of homesickness start to appear out of nowhere. Realisations that these are people you haven't seen for months, wondering how they've been, wondering how things have changed, wondering how they've stayed the same, just wondering.

Ok, so it's actually all about the food. Oh Yummy Food, how I have missed thee! Not the crap here which they try to label similarly ('food'), but actual. Hawker. Fare.

(Actually, to be fair, british roast is actually quite yummy too, but I think there's only so much roast meat and potato you can take before you start craving something else.)

Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Rojak,etc... Oh my loves, you must wait for me!


Loy said...

Miss me right?!?!?1 LOL

lili~* said...

hey louis welcome home! to think u miss the food rather than the people... *duh* haha =P

Anonymous said...

... and where do you expect all that food to run off to??

oh. maybe down everyone else's stomachs first huh...