Saturday, July 01, 2006


I'm back.

It's warm. I'm sticky (from perspiration). It's not quite as bad as anticipated, though.

Today was a day meant for the core family, people I haven't seen for awhile, but other people I hadn't seen for a lot longer just kept popping out of nowhere. I met COL Tan (formerly LTC Tan, my ex-officer at MINDEF) at a hawker centre (Long House, along Upper Thomson Road) while I was there for lunch. It was actually my first time at the place and he apparently doesn't frequent it often, so it was a really chance encounter (apparently he was just buying goreng pisang home from there at the time).

I was at Singa Inn (along ECP) for dinner and I met a certain Mrs Tan, who was my lower sec Science teacher. I wasn't particularly close to her, I think, but I was quite touched that she actually remembered my name (Apparently, my face looks exactly the same as it did a decade ago). Her husband was there as well, and he'd actually taught me Computer Science before, but given the number of classes he'd handled it came as no surprise that he had no real recollection of me. This was quite a coincidence too - it was her first time there, and I don't really remember having been there for quite a few years now.

Singapore's just too small. I wonder who I'll bump into next, even without intending to.


yellowlemonie said...

well, at least people still recognise you.. hehe...

enqi said...

smalllllll smalllllllllll weetle weetle island!!