Sunday, July 16, 2006

To bake a cheesecake

Today I was reading the papers when I chanced upon this.

I'm actually quite a big fan of cheesecake, so when the freaking recipe just throws itself in my face like that, I can't help but to start feeling a certain itch in my fingers.

So off I went to the nearby Cold Storage, and got myself the required ingredients. I embellished a bit, though - like I'd made a crust from chocolate digestives rather than the ready-rolled thing they suggested, and since I had no idea how to do a bain marie (and had to wiki to find out what exactly it was), I simulated it by heating at 100┬║C.

The end result wasn't too shoddy, I think. Maybe a little overcooked - it's a bit cracked and stuff like that, but not bad lah! Quite nice. Or at least, I think so.



Anonymous said...

i want to eeeeaaaaatttttt - sian

- the old man

─Éirestraits said...

and what does the girlfriend think?

Anonymous said...

her magnificence thought it was a good attempt (if a mite bit too sweet), and is duly impressed.

-- the girlfriend