Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lake view

I'm not quite used to my new room (and the smaller shower =P) yet, but I must say that the desk's pretty roomy.

It's a nice, tranquil (if boring) view from my window, and I hear the ducks quacking every now and then. This should, in theory, be a good room for studying. I don't know why I just can't get myself to start, then.


jm. said...

The room couldn't be more perfect.. unless it came with a high-powered, scoped rifle and an unusual influence over your eating habits leading to your developing an insatiable appetite for the flesh of ducks.

lost said...

Ah. Right. So that's what I was missing!

April said...

tt's a really nice view you have! they should charge the rooms according to the views haha.. :P btw i have a stupid question, how do you do that quote thing in your earlier entries? :P