Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Story of Slimderella

Despite having some mutual friends, I've never really known Joycelyn well, but I do follow her webcomic The New Adventures of Bobbin! (in fact, I actually remember the old days of Crapman and Shit), even if it's been stagnating for some weeks now...

Anyway, she apparently worked on another comic for a project of hers in Yale, and I think it's simply fantastic.

The Story of Slimderella

So go on over and have a good laugh, as well as (hopefully) learn something about the joys of accepting a healthy weight for yourself...

So says the BoF. =)


Anonymous said...

oh gosh i just saw this and was gonna link it too! but you beat me to it. i heart bobbin!


joyce said...

sorry for kaypoh-ing... :)
thanks so much for liking & linking slimderella & bobbin, it's so great to know that word gets around and people enjoy the work.
were we in sec school together? so long never hear about crapman and shit. i was trying to search through your blog to find out who you are but not very successful. email me leh.