Sunday, February 04, 2007

Robot Chicken

I've been recommended Robot Chicken before, but have never really checked it out very much. It's essentially this stop-motion show with many amusing short clips. Well Yiwen sent me a Calvin and Hobbes one that got me searching for more clips.

Here's one for the Star Wars fans.

Finally, here's one for the gamers. Just a quick primer - Three games are linked to, namely Super Mario, Grand Theft Auto, and Resident Evil. In the first, you get mushrooms to power up and jump on enemies to kill them. In the second, an indicator represented by stars shows your level of wantedness. In the third, well, it's just some zombie game which takes place in Raccoon City. I think.

I think I've found myself a new distraction...

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ranciel said...

i love grand theft auto! <3