Saturday, March 03, 2007

Minor edits

If any of you are using feed aggregators and wondering why all my old posts have popped up again, well, it's because blog maintenance is just so fun.

After being convinced by an argument against linking to new windows, I decided to remove all the code on my posts which open links in new windows. So it's totally up to the (very few) readers now. Huzzah.

Also, I suddenly felt that I had too few tags (or 'labels' as Google calls them). I mean, what does it say about me when my top labels are York, Geek, Singapore and Food?

So I decided to add Funny to describe the posts I thought were, well, funny. If I'm going to be a gluttonous geek, at least I'd be a funny one! I later realised it is a rather pompous label indeed, since I might be the only one on the planet who finds it amusing. Oh well. Too late.

I think maybe I should have a label for 'Procrastination' as well. I know this post certainly qualifies.


rokey said...

Hello my geeky friend

I think windows should be opened in new windows. And if anyone doesnt know how to set open window in tabs, or middle click the link to open in new tab, it's entirely their fault to be a normal. =D

jm. said...

RE: Project 365 - Entry for 030307

It's all about catching, stabbing and returning to the lake.