Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Eeyore incident

Wow. I haven't been blogging for some time. It's been a nice Easter break, with no work to be completed, a good balance of travelling and slacking, although it's all coming to an end now.

Perhaps the end-of-holiday spirit is what fuelled the madness today, or perhaps (more likely) it was the stress from studying, for the third-years. The story begins with the Disney Eeyore cake, which Ailin received from her housemate Michelle for her birthday.

We decided to eat it today, but soon discovered that the icing on the cake (including Eeyore) didn't taste particularly good.

So we kinda peeled it off and put it aside in a pile.
(Yes we had ice cream too. It was a good meal.)

Kevin then had a thought. It involved melting the icing, because the icing seemed quite preservativeful (it was hard and plasticky, unlike the icing on fresh cake). The rest later expanded it into a plot involving creating a molten icing pool to drown Eeyore in.

I've already been broken into pieces and partially eaten, and now you want to melt me?

There isn't really much of a story left to tell, save for a melted gooey mess and a lot of giggles, so I'll just leave the two videos to illustrate the rest of it.

The actual boiling process.

Aftermath of Eeyore boiling.

I can't believe we actually did this =P


Amy said...


jm. said...

I like the sound effects. Eeyore's surprisingly durable.

yellowlemonie said...

gee.. what happened to animal rights? ;p

Anonymous said... liao....

-The Man

shirin said...

i like eeyore! O_O evil (and bored) clearly

rokey said...

"I will be back!" - Eeyore (while he's goin down the boiling water)