Sunday, June 10, 2007


well, most coin faces aren't really the prettiest
or notes, for that matter
if i were the guy printing the money in venezuela, for example, i'll be printing ms venezuela universe on the notes
but alas i am not



(hey for all i know, they do)

why don't they?
beauty queens are an important venezuelan export
they have beauty queen schools there

Seriously. Who actually likes seeing Yusof Ishak on the current Singaporean notes? The old ship series, and the bird series before that, were so much more aesthetically pleasing (to me).

I suspect they chose ol' Yusof simply because we don't produce supermodels of note. Alas!


yellowlemonie said...

but seriously, i won't really want someone like zoe tay on my note either.... after a while, they just become out-of-date i suppose...

ships and birds make more sense to me though... ;p

Anonymous said...

'supermodels of note'... was that pun intended? :P

lost said...

haha! no, actually... apparently i'm punnier than i'd thought.