Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ey so fast

Time sure flies when you've got stuff to do. My school attachment's really been a big learning experience so far, though we kinda neglected our project (it's changed from the one originally proposed, incidentally, I'm now working on some 'Habits of Mind' thing with the other two scholars) and weren't on the right track initially, so we've been rushing it the last couple of days, and probably the next few days as well.

It's been pretty nice socially as well, I've been meeting up with friends and stuff, though it's really quite annoying having to go back early to sleep since I need to wake pretty early the next day.

The flip side to this wonderfully eventful schedule is that I have yet to start on my 3000-word TEFL essay, which accounts for a whopping 4.05% of my total degree mark. You might think it's not all that much, but a mere 4% can really make or break a grade (think 67% vs 71%).

Of course I'm largely to blame for procrastinating so much (this blog entry is further evidence of that), but hey, I'm sure I'll be further ahead already if I didn't have to wake at 6am every weekday!

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