Friday, August 31, 2007

And away we go!

I'll be off to Japan tomorrow to join Ailin (and kill the remainder of my summer holidays), with a brief two-day stopover at Bangkok first (since I'm flying by Thai Airways, the stopover was practically free).

I haven't really planned what to do in Japan (Ailin has done more homework than me, for that), but here's some stuff I'm hoping to do in Bangkok.

-Watch a Muay Thai match
-Get a Thai massage
-Ride a tuk-tuk
-Take a canal boat
-See, uh, Thai stuff
-Visit (and shop) at Chatuchak weekend market
-Take a peek at the red-light district

Quite happening lah huh? Hopefully I've changed enough money for everything. I'm hoping to live like a king for the next 2 days =P


yellowlemonie said...

wah.. hum sup louis... half of the things you want to do are hum sup-related.. thai massage, thai "stuff" and red light district... tsk tsk...

why not add tiger show to your list? ;p

lost said...

hahaha wahlau! i've read up on how to differentiate shady massage parlours and real ones already ok! (apparently authentic ones have unattractive beefy farmgirls standing around the entrance)

dunno lah see how it goes, i might... though it sounds rather disturbing and scary =P

Anonymous said...

you mean you've never been to bangkok?!!
anywayyyy have fun!!! help me hunt down 3-in-1 green milk tea in japan!!