Thursday, August 09, 2007


I've found that Freedom is often followed by its nastier brother, Boredom.

So I'm done with DPPS now, having just completed my 3-week school attachment prior to that. Unlike most of the teaching scholars there, I actually found myself quite enjoying it (I am almost ashamed to say). While I agree that it was needlessly draggy at times, I did find it interesting to be exposed to various different aspects of policy-making. Maybe it's because I've always been rather interested in governance, although I think that it is not really what I am best suited for. Personally I think that even if I were to be in a leadership role, I am better suited for managing things on a micro level, probably within a school.

Anyway, now I'm essentially slacking around until September when I fly for Tokyo (with a short stopover at Bangkok), although I actually have some preliminary work to do for my final year project. Hopefully I get that done soon.

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