Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Amazon MP3

Amazon's launched its own mp3 store, which (legally) sells music in non-copy-protected mp3 format. I've resisted buying files via iTunes because it's relatively expensive (in the UK anyway) and usually comes in copyprotected aac format, which I get quite annoyed by, but now I might actually start buying music again! =P

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jiunwei said...

Amazon MP3's debut is fantastic news. iTunes needs some serious competition, and hopefully this move heralds the end of DRM as well (for music at least).

I'm just annoyed that there's no online music store in Singapore. I don't have a US mailing address anymore, so I can't buy anything new on iTunes.

Torrenting is slow and unreliable. Someone who can provide a service for quick music downloads here at cheap, impulse-buy prices will make a killing from the profits.