Thursday, October 25, 2007

Feed me!

I've been a fan of web feeds and Google Reader for some time, since they essentially allow me to follow sites (mostly blogs) without having to visit them frequently. Most blogs I read don't update very frequently, so it's kinda annoying to visit them daily. Feeds help keep track of them so much better - by updating whenever a new post is made (or maybe a few hours later, but still not too bad).

But some (evil evil!) blogs and sites don't offer feeds, and I usually just stick them in my daily reads bookmark folder. I recently started following Barney's blog (he's a character from a sitcom I follow, How I Met Your Mother) which I find rather amusing, but updates weekly so I'd really prefer it in feed form.

So a little googling later, I discover this site and through it feed43, through which I am the new proud subscriber of the unofficial Barney's blog feed.

(As well as 3 other private blogs, but I'm not about to publicise them =P)

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