Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ecumenism in Singapore

I went for a Cassoc (York's Catholic society) meeting today - my first in awhile, I think. The topic was about ecumenical chaplaincy, which is something I've quite some interest in, and even though it turned out to be of a more personal (and probably more accessible to frequent Cassoc goers) nature than expected, it did get me thinking about ecumenism in Singapore.

It's an issue quite close to my heart because, well, I have a lot of Protestant (used here to refer to non-Catholic Christians, although some people might argue about its appropriateness) friends, and I've been going to bible study with them, and it's really interesting meeting with different people from different backgrounds to discuss their interpretations of the bible - some of which I totally disagree with of course, but it's definitely an educational experience just discussing things anyway.

The thing is, back home in Singapore I don't think you see such ecumenical activities often, especially between Catholics and Protestants. Each denomination (or church, even) tends to keep activities within its boundaries, and I think there is just so much misunderstanding and wasted opportunity because of that.

The take-home message for today - it is really up to the parishioners to initiate such activities. I don't know when or how exactly, but I do hope to someday contribute to inter-denominational relations in my own way.


Rok said...

Heh, earlier I was reading about different denominations and the 'little' differences between church of england and methodist.

Apparently Elim is going to cooperate with the new coming vicar of near by parish, together to organise some outreach events!

Jean said...

i think the easiest place to start is with college/university students. good proposition (integration and cooperative events) to make to college organisations i s'pose (IFES, campus crusade)