Monday, December 03, 2007

Battle Stations!

I've been playing Mobile Weapon: Battle Stations (Facebook game) the past 2 weeks. In this game you get a ship, gain money/experience, deck it with better equipment, and get to combat other players' ships (or not, depending on your playing style). Essentially a mini-MMORPG, except it doesn't suck up all my free time like WoW did, since they limit the number of action points gained per hour.

It's got a bit of a learning curve (like maybe ten minutes reading the beginner's guide), but two weeks later with a new ship and having recently discovered the joys of the battering ram, I must say it's been quite a fun diversion. Plus, the company which made it (TYLER Projects) is Singaporean! Seems to comprise at least partially of university students. Such enterprising/productive people. As opposed to bums like me who play with their products instead of studying.


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