Friday, February 08, 2008

Easter holidays

Dear Louis

On the clear understanding that you will communicate your results to the other members of your group before the end of Week 1 of Summer Term, you have my permission as supervisor to delay your return to York until the start of Week 3 of Summer Term.

Woohoo! So I now have official permission to have an extended Easter holiday. 4 weeks in Japan, 3 weeks in Singapore. And since my target participant group for my project is now Singaporeans (early bilinguals) once more, I will definitely be able to collect my data.

Being the rule-abiding person that I am, I'd actually booked my air tickets before even thinking of asking for permission, so here're the dates I'll be back.

16 Mar - 28 Mar - Singapore
29 Mar - 27 Apr - Japan
28 Apr - 4 May - Singapore

In fact, if I'm disciplined enough I might be able to hand in my project early and check out Austria and the Czech Republic on my own, before my brother (possibly) comes over. I'll really like to, but the procrastinatory track record doesn't seem to support the probability of this happening...

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