Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wantan 102

So with some leftover wantan skins and filling from the previous batch of fried wantans, I was going to just fry the rest for a meal (or two) someday. Shan suggested that I try making soup wantan with them though, and I figured, why not?

So today the two of us embarked on a pilot study to examine the effectiveness of using the Wantan 101 recipe to make soup wantans.

cracked skins

Lesson of the day - do not (re)freeze wantan skins. I'd bought them frozen, and there were leftovers after thawing and using some of them, so I put them back into the freezer thinking there wouldn't be a difference. There was. The skins had become hard and cracked, I'm guessing what little moisture they have was somehow lost in the refreezing process.

So we were really worried that it was a lost cause, but decided to go ahead anyway, in the hope that the boiling process will eliminate all the problems. Basically the same steps were involved as in Wantan 101, except that instead of frying, the wantans were boiled in soup (made from water and chicken stock).

Photo of Shan taking a photo of the finished soup wantans

Photo of the finished soup wantans

They actually turned out pretty good! The skin was a bit on the thick side (probably because they're designed for frying, that's how they're labelled anyway, or possibly because of the refreezing problem), but still pretty tasty! Expect more wantans in various guises, coming soon to a meal near you!


I actually had leftover filling (I only had enough skins for about 8 wantans in the end), so I rolled the leftovers up and had meatballs (with the remaining soup) for dinner. Just add some seaweed and boil. It was very good, too! I'm pretty impressed that this recipe can generate so many different simple yet tasty foods - the meatballs could have been fried instead of boiled, for example.

This is one versatile recipe!


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That, or you just love meat.

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hmmm. i think i am gonna try to learn this one. i have alot of frozen meat and too few recipies. haha.