Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The great queue for BJ

So it's 29 April and everyone's queueing up in the hopes of getting a free lick or two.

That's right, it's Ben & Jerry's free cone day today! (Sorry, couldn't resist joining the thousands of people on the net who've probably inserted some innuendo into blog posts about the event. Who's betting that occurrence of 'free', 'BJ' and 'lick' in one post will increase hits from Google?)

Anyway, today I hopped down to United Square in the hopes of grabbing a free cone or two with my sister, only to find a crazy-ass queue already there. By crazy-ass I do not exaggerate. It covered most of the second storey, and even looped once. Kinda like a Disneyland queue, except those loop a zillion times. But yeah, figured it wasn't worth the wait and went to McDonald's for a sundae instead.

As I left the building I'd thought to myself - I'll come at 12pm (when the offer starts) next year, those school kids shouldn't have shown up yet, at that time. Then I realised that I'll probably be in school too (NIE) this time next year, and in school (teaching) the years after, too. So much for free cone day for me...

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