Thursday, October 20, 2005

Culinary delight

I've cooked for myself twice since my last post, and it's been progressing in difficulty. The first time was a simple vegetable stir-fry (teppanyaki-style mushrooms and beansprouts), the second (today) was stir-fried black pepper beef.

(Yes, I like stir-fry. It's nice and not too oily, something like a compromise between boiling and deep-frying.)

Only took pictures of the vegetable dish, because it was crowded when I was cooking beef today and it's kinda embarrassing taking pictures of your food in front of your housemates, yah?

The beef didn't turn out too well anyway. Cooked it for too long, was rather tough in the end. Crap. I guess my food's rather bland since I don't use many sauces and seasonings, but somehow I rather like it that way, because I don't particularly like over-salty stuff anyway, and it's just easier to cook.

So I went grocery-shopping today, and was looking to buy prawns. They're pretty expensive here, so I was about to give them a miss after seeing the price for one packet (£4.49 in this case) when I noticed the 2 for £5 deal. A little voice in my head was going, "FIFTY ONE PEE FOR A SECOND PACKET! Never mind that it's too much prawn to finish in five days, BUY NOW THINK LATER!"

And so now, after having saved £3.98 due to my eagle eyes and quick calculation, I now have to dump one packet of prawns on somebody. Anybody. Joy (Singaporean coursemate who lives really nearby) expressed interest in buying prawns, but she said she's really picky about her prawns. Sigh. Hopefully I can dump them on her.


─Éirestraits said...

you cook! haha we should have a culinary cookoff when you come back.

c_theGreat said...

hoy steve. can i join in the party too? hahaha.. considering that i hadn't even held a ladle back in sg, i would say that i cook damn bloody well right now. and oh ya louis, have u received any racial remarks from those nincompoops? like chinky or smth.. cos i had them like two times already. ggrr. can't suppress my anger any longer.