Sunday, October 16, 2005

A quiet Sunday

This morning was my first in church for oh-so-long. I've been in a confused state about religion for the longest time, and before leaving I'd decided that I should really take this time to finally sort out where I really lie. It's a little too early to tell, but I think I've started on the path toward reconciliation with God. Somehow, somewhen.

Afternoon was a walk to a nearby pub with three housemates, we'd originally planned to have roast for lunch. Unfortunately we were a little late and ended up eating normal burgers and stuff. It was nice, though, especially since I haven't been interacting with them very much. Think I'm getting along with one of the guys just fine, so at least there's someone I can call on just next door.

Evening was dinner with three other Singaporeans, where one girl did a simple pasta dish and i whipped up a repeat of my (infamous) omelette. I've cooked just twice so far in the UK - both times omelette. It's quite good actually, but c'mon, how far off can you go with omelette? I think I've been getting on really well with the Singaporeans so far, which is great, but I keep getting these flashes in my head reminding me of how cliquish foreigners tended to be in Singapore and how I seem to be headed right down that path. Hmm.

In about 15 minutes I'll be off to my first game of Ultimate (aka Ultimate Frisbee). I wasn't too into it initially but I'd realised that I wasn't gonna get a lot of exercise here if I don't join anything physical, and Ultimate seemed to be a pretty fun way to get that.

I'm supposed to be reading my textbook in preparation of upcoming lectures this week, but somehow it's still shrink-wrapped. Hopefully I'd be reading it sometime later or tomorrow, otherwise it seems that I'm headed toward the same old style I'd adopted toward schoolwork back at home.

My day in a nutshell. Nice, idyllic, pretty fun. Quite indicative of my average day at York thus far, I think.


c_theGreat said...

great to see that u're having fun.. well, we're cliquish as well but heck, i'm having the time of my life here. dun wanna go back to nus already haha. and dun u complain abt ur bday lor. be glad u're celebrating it with close friends on the day itself. i had mine celebrated before i left n it felt...... weird. and when i was here, i celebrated mine with a bunch of strangers whom i just gotten to know for like two weeks only.. and oh, happy belated birthday! =)

Anonymous said...

waaaah this is such a nice post to read. hahaha. omelettes are gd... they're the easiest warm, substantial thing to whip up. next, move on to mashed potatos! hahaha. ooooh if u like frisbee, i'll give u my new LSE frisbee as an incentive to play more! haha or u can have a singapore one if u'd prefer. and church! gd for you =)

Anonymous said...

oh yah.. i think the cliquish thing seems pretty inevitable. i don't know anyone yet who's not like that. even a lone singaporean in ireland ends up with the - er was it jewish? - who r pretty similar in culture...