Friday, November 11, 2005

Another one bites the dust

I'd actually been stalking a couple of teachers' blogs since, well, some time when I got more free during NS. It's a nice way to vicariously experience some of the thrills/spills involved in teaching, as well as a good laugh in general.

Funnily enough, when I'd went back to relief in VJ, I actually had the chance to meet one of the Stalked Ones, one whom I quite respected actually, the owner of Tym Blogs Too!. Turns out that she's a GP tutor there, so I'd originally had this cranky plan to just pop by her desk one day and unnerve her a little.

I later figured that going up to a stranger to say "Hi! I read your blog!" was a really weird thing to do, however, so I never did talk to her in person.

Fast-forward to today, when I'm 6755 miles away from home, and I find out that Tym is quitting. I wasn't particularly surprised, but it does feel rather sobering. It just feels kind of depressing to see someone leave The Profession, particularly someone I feel to be so capable and dedicated. From what I've read, anyway.

It makes me wonder about myself, a decade down the road, where I'll be headed in life, if I'll have found my Purpose, if I'll be disillusioned and burnt out, if I'll be some faceless bureaucrat somewhere in the Big Machine, or something else altogether.

I'm still optimistic about things, but I recognise that so many people before me had started out the same and emerged drained and defeated. I'm not even the best of the lot in any way conceivable, so what makes me think I'll emerge all victorious and happy from my crusade to Improve the System?

I suppose that's another issue for another day, though.

So, to Ms B-C YM, the colleague I'd never met, here's all the best to your future. I've no idea if you'll ever read this, but I suppose it's possible, thanks to the magic that is technorati.

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Jean said...

guess people will always get disillusioned and bored - because that's what people are basically, discontent. And ironically that's what drives the big system up its many ladders, one of which concerns our quality of life. But I wonder if there's a need of that if we don't even have basic contentment.

Contentment starts anytime I guess... it starts now, and you'll bring it onto your future vocation and responsibilities.
Learn contentment?
Learn God :)