Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cosmic coincidences

It's the first night of proper rest I've had for awhile now, and the first morning I'm waking so incredibly refreshed. It's been an amazingly eventful period here in York, despite it being a small boring city in the middle of nowhere... or perhaps because of that, the human drama here is so much more intense. These acts are absolutely fascinating to observe, but also absolutely nerve-wrecking at times when you're playing one of the roles.

Pretty much like an actual drama production, don't you think?

One of my main issues with my religion was how, well, I never seemed to see any sign of it in my own life. The devout Christians always seemed so sure of seeing the evidence of God's hand in their lives, whereas what I saw consisted more of... coincidences.

Did something happen as you'd wanted? Praise the Lord! Did something happen which made you really, really sad? The Lord works in mysterious ways/He's testing you/Praise the Lord! In this cosmic game of chance, God never loses.

Watching while a similarly confused friend went through a whole chain of seemingly random coincidences prodding her toward certain actions and resolutions, however, has made me stop to wonder. Surely the cosmic game of chance can't be quite as coincidental as that, can it? I stopped and thought even harder after finding out that I was in fact one of the many prodding factors in the whole chain of events.

Well, I've encountered my own chain of random coincidences recently, with very happy results, but once more, I doubt. Is there any meaning to it all? While I'd very much like to believe that God's will is in all this, isn't it a bit pompous to assume that He's actually bothering himself with small details like this?

I don't know, and I wonder when I ever will.


jm said...

Logically, it seems that God would bother. If he's omnipotent, bothering with small details of your life wouldn't be difficult or unlikely. If he's benevolent as well, whatever happens is a direct result of His intervention. The Christian faith does hold these two aspects of God to be immutable.

I suppose how much you believe these things are a result of God's work is directly proportional to your faith. And how you're searching it out now.

jit said...

I was blog-hopping and decidedly not studying when I came across your blog.

Just a thought: coincidences happen a lot more often with God. But living your life as though every single occurrence is significant borders on superstition. Instead of looking sideways at what's going on, and being short-sighted and limited by how much you can actually know anyway, why not just keep your focus on God, and trust His heart even when you don't detect His hand?

No one can ever understand everything. But you'll never get anywhere compulsively second-guessing either. Faith is putting trust in something you cannot understand completely; but if you did, there'd be no need for faith. And this is a situation where you do not need to go in completely blind.

All the best.

enqi said...

well - jit pretty much said a lot so what else is there to say? haha. it might seem like random coincidences but when seriously weird unbelievable stuff do happen (I'll share it with you sometime - about my mom and bro) you'll realllllly start to think twice about these occurences...

It's not pompous to think that He'll bother

because fact is He does.