Thursday, November 17, 2005

Unos, dos, tres

Having just finished my fourth Spanish class, I'm now wondering why on earth I'd decided to take up a third language.

It wasn't really out of interest - I've never really been big on learning languages. It's not really a practical skill for my line either, I think. I guess it's just one of those 'try something new!' things. Sadly, it seems that not everything new is instantly enjoyable. I'm currently struggling with the language, especially in listening, and being really confused a lot of the time.

The main thing keeping me in is that I've already paid for the course, so the opportunity cost of continuing isn't particularly high. I suppose that given time, I might actually grow to enjoy learning the language, or at least just get better at it.

And so the torture continues.

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c_theGreat said...

try this website.

wanted to learn spanish last year but i gave up. haha.

thinking of malay now cos it's more practical.