Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I've been thinking of getting myself a laser printer.

Now, having a printer for personal printing is all very well and logical, except that I must admit that I feel a bit of that spend-money-on-techie-stuff itch prodding me toward this decision. I don't actually need to print all that much (yet), and at 6p a piece (school price of printing, on top of a free 30 sheets per term), I'll need to print 1000 sheets to break even. Coupled with the fact that the psychology dept printers are so very nearby (<5min walk away),

But I've figured that I might be moved to a less-printing-friendly area next year, and if I want to get a printer only then, it's definitely less economical by then. Plus, I can probably make back some money selling it off before graduation anyway.

Besides, a laser printer is just so... shiny. And the quality of stuff printed! So... very... shiny. And the speed! Uh... shiny?

Sigh. Where's the cheapskate money-hoarding voice in head when I need it most?


i love you said...

and now i think EVERY other entry of urs has a double meaning................ damn

Anonymous said...

1000 sheets is nothing. I probably had that amount printed in less than a year. Maybe the system is different in UK, but if you have lots of articles from academic journals as part of your notes (shortest are usually 20 pages), you'll do a lot of printing. That excludes printing you may need to do for research assignments.


lost said...

i thus conclude that guys are thick and girls are incredibly oversensitive.


Anonymous said...

hey i dreamt of u the night before last night! i was in this relatively new-looking school, and u were running a restaurant in that school. hmm.....