Saturday, December 03, 2005

More randomness

This sinfest comic arc is really cute. Starting here (just click 'next comic' repeatedly), it's just... really cute! How many times can I say really cute before it gets old? I don't know. But it's really cute anyway.

Your Percy went bye-bye. It's gonna be okay. Don't cry.


I was also reading this account of a second-generation Singapore, kinda like a short autobiography. It's really interesting reading how things were during your parents' time. It struck me as incredibly sad that he had to drop out from Raffles Institution at Secondary 3 due to financial limitations and start work immediately.
In 1966, my father said that it is difficult for him to support four school-going children. He understands that HM Dockyard is conducting an exam to select apprentices from 16-years old; usually those that failed their “O” levels.

He pointed out that he could only supported me up to “O” level only. And the best I can hope for is to work as a teacher or a clerk. Why not learn a trade and work your way up. And if you are a top student, you will selected to work at Portsmouth and at the same time, studying for a HND (equivalent to a poly diploma) over there.

Patrick Pestana was trying to persuade me to stay in school, offered free athletic kits and a bursary. Unfortunately, for bursary, the cut-off level was S$200 pm income and my father was earning S$210 pm. So, disqualified!!

I guess for all my discontent about everything, I'm actually incredibly lucky. Most of my friends are, actually, incredibly lucky and still unhappy. It's just the way humans are, I guess.

The guy got what he wanted to in the end (the chance to study overseas), and that's great for him, but not everybody gets that chance. I still believe education to be the great leveller, despite the over-emphasis on paper qualifications in Singapore, but the fact that not everybody gets a fair chance to climb the social ladder still really irks me.

Finally, I just read that one of Tomorrow's moderators has passed away. That didn't particularly affect me since frankly she was (to me) merely another person out there in the big big world, but I was curious and went down to check out her blog.
Dammit! I am suspected to have dengue. Not fun at all.

My symptoms include:

Weekness in limbs
Extreme tiredness
Severe headache
Sudden fever

Doctor days that it could be just another viral fever, but has told me to monitor the fever. If it sustains for a few more days, I ought to get a blood test done. Well great then, apart from feeling crappy, I may not be able to go for that party!

Anyway wish me luck that it is not dengue!

Her last entry was just so sad. It was so innocent, so unsuspecting of what was to come, just a "Damn I might have dengue!", which sounds vaguely like what I was posting on my blog two years back. Entry after entry after entry, then a silence, then another entry a week later to prove I was still alive and back in one piece.

This should be what her blog should have looked like, not just entry and then eternal silence.


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enqi said...

yeah.. and that's why I commented in Ailin's room the other day that despite what we've pretty much been through, we're still counted rather sheltered and fortunate.
For instance I've this really great sister, a really good friend, who's had no money in the family since she was in her teens, her mom's living with another man and her dad is ill (just recovered I think, but the hospital treatment and hospitalisation cost a BOMB) and her parents aren't like officially divorced. She had to stop her ITE education to work, had difficulty finding the right kind of work because most retail work made her work on Sunday and she didn't want to miss church and fellowship. She and her sister have been trying to support the family, but thank God her dad's working a little now and contributing a little to the family income. Her mom visits the sisters once in a while, but a lot of the time it's to ask for money.
And the most amazing thing is... she has so much faith and trust in God, she absolutely adores Him. Her love for God inspires me...

aren't we all sheltered... :)