Saturday, December 10, 2005

Blue weekend

It's my last weekend here in York (for the term, anyway), and I find myself feeling rather uneasy right now.

Perhaps it's because I'm having my MCQ exam (which I'm terribly ill-prepared for) this coming Tuesday, and I've been slacking a lot rather than studying for it.

Perhaps it's because I'll be off to London and then to Spain this coming Thursday, and haven't really been doing basic preparations for this vacation, such as settling my accommodation in London, changing currency, packing my stuff or even revising some rudimentary Spanish.

Perhaps it's because I find myself unable to finish my Christmas cards on time (having not started on them yet), and they'll probably be late again this year.

Perhaps it's because things are finally starting to settle at long last, and I am starting to feel comfortable and happy where I am, only to find myself about to be uprooted once more. I know that term breaks are normal and (usually) very happy things, and that I've actually been looking forward to them, but... 7 Jan just seems so very faraway right now.

Sigh. I don't know.


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ww said...

hey, kinda feeling the same right now. the month long break after the first sem is getting messier and messier.

so many options to consider and yet so little to base decisions on. and there's this huge backlog of to-dos that never seem to get done.

i guess the most practical advice (something which i will probably sorely not be able to practice) would be priorities. in your case i suppose mcq-> trip-> xmas cards-> whatever other loose ends that require your attention.

you'd do just fine - irrationally, i just know it haha. (",)

wazzup said...

do i get a xmas card?!!...heheh