Friday, December 16, 2005

London redux

I'm back here in London once more, the third time actually. Flying off to Spain tomorrow. I've been here only a day, so haven't really done much, just met up with Weiyi and Carey who've flown over from Singapore to enjoy a European holiday with us.

It was actually pretty funny since after awhile of walking around, us guys got tired of pretending to shop and decided to go back to Xianna's place to stone for awhile. I had my laptop with me (the Apple Centre had a service queue up to 7 Jan, so I wasn't able to get my USB port looked at in the end), as did the others (who were staying at her place).

So when you put 3 guys with laptops in a flat with wireless internet, what do you get? An instant LAN shop!

Anyway, before leaving for dinner (roast duck!), I noticed that Xianna and her sister had put up Christmas stockings already. Well, kinda. It was a sight that simply begged for photo-taking.

If I'm not wrong, that's the chinese supermarket I'd bought my Mi Goreng from. Amusing stuff, no?

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