Sunday, December 25, 2005

Back from Spain

Because I am lazy, and because Allan's already summarised it so well (even with photo collages!), I'm not gonna go into the trip in great detail. But there's still stuff to be said, and so here goes.

I've never been that big on sight-seeing, and I guess what I enjoyed most about the trip would be the company. It was great just exploring another country with this bunch of people you used to be doing stupid stuff with back in those JC days.

I guess some things just don't change.

Travelling in Spain (with my crappy command of their language) has really inspired me to learn it better, after seeing how useful it could have been if only I'd known how to express my thoughts more clearly. Oh well, my Spanish has improved slightly over the holiday. Like I've firmed up my counting already, and I've improved my vocabulary somewhat. Though mostly with food-related words like bacalao, paella, tapas, sangria... I guess you can see where my priorities lie.

We drank quite a lot during the trip, like at least a jug a day! Split between six people, it wasn't that much, but still way above my average of zero a day. For some reason I seem to have been drinking whenever I go on vacations lately, like that time I went to Perth earlier this year.

Oh well. It's interesting getting mildly high. I've never really been over-the-brink drunk before, rather curious what it'd be like actually. Haha. Maybe it's an experience best left unexperienced, though. Hmm.

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