Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cold turkey

My PowerBook is still dead. I'd delayed by about a week before sending it to repair, because I'd tried to contact Apple directly about it (they never sent me a pickup as promised, incidentally). I finally sent it in to a third-party authorised service centre but they apparently didn't manage to repair it on first attempt so they're currently waiting for more parts on order.

I'm pretty pissed about the whole thing since I've been computerless for about three weeks now. While I appreciate the whole more-time-to-do-other-stuff thing, Monday Week 9 is approaching and I really need to get started on my assessed essay.

(Plus, I've lost track of those blogs and comic strips I used to be following. Grr.)

I probably can't do anything about all this except express great disappointment at Apple's (non-existent) customer care, maybe send a complaint letter or two (probably to be ignored), and hope Jennings would finish the repairs more speedily.

Apple. Overpriced eye candy.

1 comment:

JM said...

Overpriced eye candy.

Oh god. That's what I've been trying to tell people ALL THESE YEARS.