Tuesday, February 21, 2006


(Details posted by Allan, pictures posted by Gillian.)

So I'm a lazyass and am not really posting any holiday details of my own. The thing is, I took the same trip that they did, have the same photos that they do (less actually, since they haven't got down to sharing their pictures yet), so what can I really add that is new?

Nothing, really. So I skipped lectures for the first time on Monday, and spent quite some a bit of money (more than expected, anyway) in Ireland, but I suppose all in all, it was well worth it. It wasn't just a getaway, but for me I guess it was a chance to catch up with people I'd lost touch with.

Though we've all drifted apart now, it is heartwarming to know that sometimes, just common experience and the comraderie of the past is enough to hold us together, if only for a short, short while.


Gillian said...

Hey...just thinking the same thing.. do u think Allan's post is copyright?! I wanna "borrow" it?!

allan said...

hahah i KNEW u'd do this...=p