Thursday, February 23, 2006

Portable power

So here I am in the com lab, surfing the web with Firefox with its wonderful tabbed browsing, listening to (some of) my mp3s on Winamp, and procrastinating on doing my practical report. What's new? Well, what's new, indeed. This is more or less the exact same setup I use back home (in Singapore), sans MSN Messenger, and somehow it all seems just so familiar and comfortable, sitting here and slacking away.

The magic behind it all? My old Creative MuVO TX, Portable Firefox, and Portable Winamp. Essentially I'm using it like a thumbdrive, and loading the programs from it, thus bypassing the constraints against installing programs on school computers.

I probably could save a lot of money by not owning a computer of my own, but I guess I still appreciate the ability to watch movies and the comfort of having one right in my own room...

Sigh. When're they finally gonna be done with my laptop?

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Mrs Chatterley said...

When are we to see your handsome face?

I am sorry you are lost you poor soul

Just remember, don't hang loose when you are wearing jeans!!!