Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What's up?

So Easter vacation's just about over already. Some people have actually (gasp) asked what I've been doing these holidays, and I figure sometime in the future I might actually want to have something to remind myself, so here're some recent highlights.

In week 2 of the holidays I left for a trip to Paris, Rome and Venice with some of the other York people. Details here and here, because I am Lazy. It was, well, the first trip I've been on with just girls (though I suspect most of them think of me as simply one of them... should I be worried?), and. Well. It's different. I've never really sat down and talked about, uh, feelings and stuff while on a trip with guys, like the Spain one. But all in all I must say it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, for both the people, and the sights covered.

Although I seem to be the only one who was amused by how you could find SPQR everywhere in Rome, even their dustbins and drain covers.

In week 4 I visited Brussels and Bruges (in Belgium, in case you were wondering), land of chocolate and beer, and very little besides (I guess that comic museum in Brussels would have been more interesting if only I'd understood the language). Bruges was really quite lovely though, and I rather enjoyed the idyllic pace we went through the trip in the realm of nothing-to-do. And I suppose as often is the case, the company makes all the difference.

16 April was Ailin's 21st birthday. We had a murder mystery party - I was somewhat apprehensive since it was the first time I'd done anything of that sort (and forced to act a female, of all things, though apparently I simulate women very well), though it actually turned out really well. These York people, a lot of them are actually quite dramatic. And spontaneous. And funny. We had fun. And generated a lot of late night noise. And probably kept a lot of neighbours awake.

(The porter dropped in on us mid-game, in fact, to find out precisely what was going on, but he graciously let us continue despite the ruckus we were causing. Cool dude.)

And now I'm in London for a short visit, dropping in on many people who are studying. No one's free to entertain me, so I'm blogging. School starts next week. Sigh. Yet another ten-week cycle culminating in essays and exams. Hope I didn't screw up last term's too much.


lin said...

yes yes like what they always say, its not where you go, its who u go with. (do they actually say that? or did i just make it up?) and anyway. in anycase...great photos, wonderful videos..unforgetable night.

enqi said...

i LOVE that picture collage!! i'll use it on my blog ya, and credit you :P