Saturday, May 13, 2006

A meat by any other name...

Today we were at Pizza Hut having pizza buffet when somehow we brought up the topic of Seoul Garden. Now, I happen to be one of the few people I know who actually likes Seoul Garden, so I mentioned the two types of meat I usually pile up on there - Sze Chuan Chicken and Beef Bulgogi. The latter just invited a lot of stares. Apparently no one's ever heard of it.

Which really surprised me because most of my friends here are rather carnivorous, and bulgogi's like one of Korea's national dishes or something. I mean, hotplate beef! Gosh. Yum.

Or maybe it's just the way I pronounced it. I said something like 'boo-go-gee', 'gee' as in 'geese', which might quite possibly be very different from what the Koreans call it. It seems I have a talent for mangling the pronunciations of many a foreign language.

Jules Joffrin, anyone?


mL said...

I know what bulgogi is! Though strangely, it's after I came over to London. Heh. We eat tons of it here cuz there's a Korean supermarket nearby that stocks it at a good price! Can't believe how long I haven't read your blog.. hey that place looks familiar!

Anonymous said...

Iyah u act cute only lah u... :P

-the old man