Monday, May 08, 2006

Of brains and bikes

So earlier last week I had my brain scanned. It wasn't for anything in particular, it was just some Psychology experiment I'd volunteered for. There was some technical glitch and the session got extended, but as compensation I was paid £10 instead of the agreed £7. For 2 hours' worth of nonwork, that's pretty sweet! Also, going through an MRI is a pretty cool experience. Well, it gets pretty boring after awhile, just lying there hearing the loud scanners making noises around your head, but it's really cool when you get to see cross-sections of your head after the scan's done.

It's good to know nothing important's missing up there.

Yesterday I spent about £80 on a new bicycle. That's right, I splurged on a brand new Apollo XC.26 Mens 20". No particular reason why I chose that model - other than the fact that it was relatively affordable (I've finally stopped converting to SGD now), and seems to be a pretty decent bike. I'm pretty happy with the purchase, actually, except for the cost incurred. Oh well. Money is worthless if not spent, after all.

(Incidentally, my definition of 'spending' includes donating it to me for no reason, so you're welcome to contact me if you've got a lot of money you'd like to spend.)

Every now and then I feel the itch to learn Hokkien. I don't really know why - it's not like I've really missed the ability to converse in it, even if it is technically my dialect. Maybe it's just so I can expand my vocabulary past the basics (you know, knn, ccb, stuff like that) somewhat, maybe it's because it's so I can fully understand those funny Singlish clips floating around the internet, but somehow I just feel like it. Then again, considering how I've practically dropped Spanish already (just weeks before the final exam, actually... oh well, no hablo espaƱol probably suffices), I think probably not.


>_ said...

young man, you are not dropping spanish!

Anonymous said...

iyah spanish tok ki lan lah... learn hokkien.. best.Lim peh kali kong ah, u grow old liao knn live HDB flat,den sometime u lonely go down the kopitiam find kahki,lim tiger,lim kopi...knn they tok spanish one meh? Lim peh kali kong lah,u now do sai cock-logy right,scully ur patient only can kong hokkien,den how? He see your name Tan,he know *le si hokkien nang,dan si le buay hiao kong hokkien...zhing lao qui le wa lau eh*. Lim peh kong ah...le si hokkien nang hor,die die must speak hokkien la...iyah teocheow,guandong oso can lah,not all your khaki si hokkien nang oso mah right.

-the old man

Anonymous said...

iyah i noes u boiboi no speak hokkien uncle translate for you the * part

*you is hokkien,but u no speak hokkien...very lose face leh my dick ah*

-the old man

allan said...

wah piang..I also need to brush up on my dialects man....
Mr Brown is hilarious..
And dun u worry about the bike that costs 80pds..i just bought an XDA for 250pds!