Monday, June 12, 2006

Angsty kid

Just took a trip down memory lane reviewing my old Livejournal entries. It's funny, there was a time I remember looking back at those entries and thinking how clever I used to be, but now I look back at those JC days and think, what a silly silly child I once was, so bitter and full of angst.

(The entries were also quite cringeworthy, I think. I have no clue why I ever thought I used to write well then.)

I suppose those days weren't particularly easy for me, with some family problems and consequently some academic and social problems as well. I didn't perform the best I could, but I think I was extremely lucky and managed to scrape through just fine. Looking at where I am now, I just can't help but to wonder at how blessed and lucky I've been, given my attitude towards everything for the bulk of those two years.

Most heartening is probably this post I found regarding my long-term goals, circa 2002. It's really good to know that, in the grand scheme of things at least, I'm kinda on track. Psychology in uni? Check. Teaching? Check. Faith in God? Check.

The other points can't be evaluated quite as simply, but I think that it's not too bad, all things considered.


Anonymous said...

ya i know how u feel.U feel
Army??? U go through all that shit but after u come out liao wah got so many memories of doing stupid useless things..den make u feel nostalgic..BUT the difference here is that you DON'T want to do it all over again despite haveing much fond ya only example i can think of lah.. sure got others

-the not so old man

Anonymous said...

the advent of panurge

-the man