Sunday, June 11, 2006


It's hot.

So hot I even bought a battery-operated fan for £3.99.

I'm wondering if I should have bought the electric table-top fan for £12.99 instead... Probably the price difference will be recovered in the amount of batteries I save.

No idea how long the batteries will last me though... If it lasts for long enough, I suppose the battery option was still the cheaper choice...

I'm going to totally melt when I'm back in Singapore.

Edit: This fan is crap lah. I'm getting myself an Igenix IG8400 soon.


Anonymous said...


char said...

*pat* that's what happens when you have a ground floor room. i'm on the first floor and it's really not too bad.

haha and for some reason, your fan reminds me of the little hand-held ones that were so popular in primary school *grin*

weez said...

well, I'm on the second floor and my room's quite warm, though I think it depends on where your room faces as well.. mine's beside the road so it probably explains the heat..

I want a fan too...