Saturday, July 22, 2006

Almost broken

Yesterday I found myself embroiled in an unusual (for me) situation - three possible places to be, with only time enough for two. Usually the the choice is obvious (just go for whichever you feel most like going for), but in this case I'd already agreed to meet two of the groups, though the last one was probably the one I'd most wanted to go for.

It was seriously a tough decision for me then, but I really believe that keeping your word is important (and that flippantly cancelling last-minute is one of the evillest things you could ever do), so I guess in the end you can say I stuck to my (outdated and misguided) principles.

I think I was well-rewarded for that decision today, actually. Thank You for Smoking is probably the best film I've seen since I've been back, though I wish we'd had more time to talk. I also wish I'd known you weren't meeting for lunch, since I probably could have squeezed in that third appointment then.

Dinner with my secondary classmates wasn't something I'd been looking forward to - a lot of my closer friends weren't going, and I've never been a big fan of BBQs. It went surprisingly well though, I think there were enough people there I'm not particularly close to but get along with pretty well, such that I didn't feel particularly like a lone duck in the middle of a flock of geese.

(Somehow, waterfowl imagery comes to mind easily after my stay in York)

Outdated and misguided? Tried and tested.


Anonymous said...

iyah Louis sorry .. dun angry k .. i chia u lunch some day ....

-the old man

Anonymous said...

aww...hope ur not mad k, about lunch. and hey, i wish we had more time to chat too =x esp now that sydney is looking impossible.

-the young lady