Saturday, July 29, 2006

Seeing double

I know in theory that there are other 8-year-old Toyota Solunas in that ugly shade of (turquoise?) in existence, but seeing two of them lined up in a row like this is somewhat disconcerting.

I suspect someone actually bought the car and had it parked behind ours just to mock us, or something.


jm. said...

SMASH UP THE COPYCAT. Then you can have a before/after kinda thing.
Toyota Soluna - 8 years old; Toyota Soluna - 80 years old

delaerrus said...

ur becoming a stomp journalist. haha.

Anonymous said...

eh zheng ur car la .. put spoiler,xenon lights,flame body paint,lower suspension,enlarge exhaust,tinted windows,neon lights,and put many many decals,front scoper,body kit,pressure and temp guage,momo steering wheel,wah i tell u ur car one of a kind man ....ask ur father do ah v nice one

-The Man