Thursday, August 10, 2006

Top of the world

The view from the 50th floor can be quite impressive, though you can't really tell due to the limited image capture ability of my Nokia 6020.

I've been interning at OCBC for the past couple of weeks now, and though it started really slowly, I'd say that it's starting to get more interesting recently. I'm starting to be saddled with some long-term projects, some exciting and others less so, but it's all stuff I think I can handle, and somehow the knowledge that I am capable of doing work, that I am not merely able to score academically, has been a big relief for me to know.

I just took part in an interview workshop, which is aimed at training management on interview skills. My role was as a mock interviee, of course (and I earned a cool $20 for taking part in three interviews). Anyway, though I'd established (once again) that my interview skills suck and really need working on, this is the first time I've realised that my CV is actually considered to be rather impressive, and that companies would actually be interested in hiring me.

Somehow the knowledge that there are options open to me makes the 6-year bond seem rather stifling, though truth be told I'm not really interested in the banking sector, and MOE is still probably my first choice when choosing a starting job.

It's still good to know that it's not a one-way street from there.


Anonymous said...

basket! U got a view!!! My work place dun have.. Ur office got zhar boh! Young Young one! My place dun have,only got one horny old man sit next to me whole day tell me sex stories until i sian....wa lau ...U young people ah! Must be greatful for what u have ah! C la i intro u this job good right!

-The Old Man

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! »