Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ghosts of Christmas Past

One of the things about coming back home is that you’re suddenly put in near proximity with a number of people with whom you haven’t really exchanged words with for the longest time. I’m actually set up to meet with some of these people for dinner (individually), and now I’m starting to feel rather nervous about it all.

I actually do like most of these people, and we used to get along quite well at some point in the past, it’s just that we’ve lost touch for so long now I really wonder if there’s anything to be said between us.

What if I meet up with them and find that, in spite of having wanted to meet, everything just turns out to be quiet and awkward? What if we find that we’ve changed, that we’re no longer interested in even keeping in contact? What if-

But I know that these are things that you’ll never know until you try, and maybe the results will be good and maybe they won’t, but the very least I can do is to try.


Anonymous said...

bah..call me a pessimist or whatever,but i find freindships don't normally last very long.I've never really known someone for more than 3years....after which each goes in separate ways,you don't call me, i don't call you and slowly everyone just becomes a memory.Yes yes u have to make the effort blah blah,but it rarely happens and all of a sudden you just feel like moving on.

- The Wise Man -

jm. said...

I'm always inclined to comment when you write about friendship because I feel like a veteran of sorts. But then, as I've mentioned to JD before, it's only because I'm a whiner. Possibly, that is.

I just thought I'd encourage you. The important thing is that you connected at some point in the past and that you're both willing to (try to) re-establish that connection. Even if things are quiet and awkward, at least you'll know. And people change.. even the best of friends become mere acquaintances with the passage of time, for no more reason than time spent apart. There's also a chance that everything will work out just fine.

delaerrus said...

You got nothing much to talk to me meh? Maybe i was too happy with my curry and being less excited cos my eye candy wasn't around. =(