Saturday, September 30, 2006


Somehow, it's managed to creep up on me. I didn't really realise it until very recently, but I'll be headed back to York in a week's time.

What have I accomplished these three months? I worked at OCBC for about a month, and visited Sydney. Otherwise, event-wise, I don't really remember doing anything in particular. Where has all the time gone? I suppose a lot of it did go toward meeting people, but somehow it feels as though it's been a rather unproductive summer.

I think one of my biggest regrets about this summer is that I didn't do as much leisure reading as I might have liked to - I don't really do that much in York. Lack of books, and somehow I don't feel like flipping through pages when I already do so for course-related texts. Almost as recompense, I've just started on Sophie's World (aka Philosophy 101). I've not got very far into it, but it does seem to be pretty interesting.

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