Saturday, November 11, 2006

Cooking 201

It's a relatively free day for me today (if I ignore all the copious amounts of assigned work there is left to do) so I decided to indulge in a good lunch today.

Cooking has always seemed to be a terribly inefficient activity to me - I took half an hour to prepare this meal, and barely ten minutes to finish it. This doesn't include washing time. However, I really quite enjoy it, almost as much as I enjoy eating my more successful attempts. It's like... extra nice after you put in all that effort, somehow.

(I wonder if this theory applies to animals you rear.)

Anyway, today I decided to do some crispy Kung Pao chicken. It looked really good while I was doing it (even if I probably use too much oil for my own good), so I decided to immortalise it on this blog for all to see. Ego boost! =P

1) Coating the chicken pieces with flour. I think I added too much, actually, it turned out to be crispier than expected, but hey, who's complaining?

2) Semi-deep frying the chicken. Yummy.

3) After some elaborate magic involving putting aside the fried pieces, draining the oil, and throwing everything back in with some red chilli...

4) The almighty Kung Pao sauce! Alright, so I haven't got to the point where I make my own sauces (and probably never will). Oh Lee Kum Kee, whatever will I do without you?

5) Throw in the sauce, throw in some noodles...

6) Add a fried egg for some heart-clogging cholesterol, some fried shallots (because vegetables are always good, even if deep-fried and devoid of any nutrients) and voila! Lunch is served.

Some people tell me I eat too unhealthily. I wonder why.

I also wonder what's for dinner. Hmm...

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Anonymous said...

yum!!! that almost looks better than the pow sing chicken rice i just had for dinner... =P haha but really, it looks good. smtg unhealthy enough to meet my standards :)